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geoff: what the hell? craig: yeah, i know. or does she? let's put her to the test. beth? >> [speaking chinese] [applause] craig: say some stuff. balls. >> [chinese] craig: really? >> no, i made it up. craig: do you really speak chinese or are you just making stuff up? >> that's mandarin. i thought geoff could trands late so i can censor you in australia. craig: you say it in chinese first. >> [speaking chinese] geoff: in your pants. >> [speaking chinese]
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geoff: i can't wait to get out of this top. craig: i like where this is going. >> [speaking chinese] geoff: oh, it is so hot in here. i have a rash on my neck. [laughter] craig: say good night, would you, in mandarin, would you, beth? >> nihau! craig: nihau? i know that!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(key turns in lock) >> jack: uh, scotch, neat. >> phyllis: oh, lord, please. please, jack, don't do it. please don't do it. >> ronan: don't do what? >> phyllis: huh? oh, hey, hey. >> ronan: hi. what don't you want jack to do? >> phyllis: um, i don't want him to hire adam at newman. >> ronan: why would you care about that, un-- unless that's where you're going to be working. >> phyllis: yeah, i didn't want to tell anybody until it was for sure. >> ronan: obviously. >> phyllis: yeah. >> ronan: of all the places in the world that you could have picked to get a-- >> phyllis: do you--do you-- do you want to get a table? >> adam: you won't find a better man for the job. thank you. with me by your side, nicholas does not stand a chance of regaining control of newman. >> jack: oh, i guess you're out of the loop. your brother apparently has no interest in helping the old man
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get the company back. >> adam: that makes sense. never thought he had a head for the business. certainly didn't have his heart into it. he's nothing like-- >> jack: victor? >> adam: i was going to say you and me, jack. >> jack: (chuckles) >> adam: so what do you say? do you have yourself a new c.f.o.? ♪ >> kevin: michael, hey. uh, look, i know things were a little tense between us
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last time we spoke, but i was hoping that we could get together and, uh, catch up. call me. >> chloe: a little tense? (chuckles) last time, you told him to go to hell. >> kevin: i was hoping he forgot that. >> chloe: yes, because michael is notorious for memory loss. i mean, it doesn't really matter, because he and lauren do not have the kind of cash that we need to buy adam out. >> kevin: well, maybe they know somebody who does. >> chloe: someone with $15 million laying around? >> kevin: so what do you want to do, chloe? just forget about tagngrab, walk away? >> chloe: no, absolutely not. i know how important this is to you, and it's important to me, too. we are not giving up. this is gonna be huge, and adam is gonna be kicking himself for bailing on us. >> kevin: i think chelsea is gonna be kicking him, too. >> chloe: yeah. she knows that tagngrab is a winner. >> kevin: it's too bad she's not our partner. >> chloe: maybe that's our next move. >> kevin: chelsea?
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>> chloe: yeah. look, she came here to see us, play nice. you know what? i'm gonna go and talk to her, but first, i need to stop by lost-and-found. >> kevin: why? >> chelsea: adam? adam? >> ronan: why'd you take the job at newman? is it about nick? >> phyllis: you lost your touch, detective. nick has no interest in anything to do with newman. >> ronan: really? hadn't heard that. >> phyllis: he's moving on with his life in--in every way, and i am really glad for him. good for nick. >> ronan: so your interest
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in jack and adam--that's just purely professional, then? >> phyllis: mostly. i loathe adam, mostly because, um, well, he's adam. >> jack: welcome aboard, adam. >> adam: thank you, captain. incoming. >> nick: should have known you two were gonna hook up before the ink was dry on the contract. >> jack: nicholas. can i buy you a drink? >> nick: so let me see if i'm getting this straight-- you sold him your newman shares in exchange for a top-level gig. is that the way this went down? >> adam: nice to know you're still interested in the family business, especially when you refused to fight for it. >> nick: you're the one who sold out dad. >> adam: shocking, considering how he treated me. >> nick: you deserved everything you got. >> adam: that's right, nicholas. you deserve the benefits and advantages of being victor newman's son, while i deserve
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nothing but scorn heaped upon me by your entire family, ever since the day i came to town. i deserve to have your daughter run us off the road. >> nick: so you think every member of this family is out to get you? >> adam: i think... (clicks lips) that every time something terrible happens to me, i look up... (sets glass down) and there is a newman standing above me, laughing. i'm fairly certain jack has had similar experiences. >> jack: it is strange how often that happens. >> nick: you spend a lot more time thinking about us than we do you. >> adam: it is precisely that entitled, untouchable attitude that has you all on the outside while jack and i run your family's company, and at the end of the day, nicholas, it's what we all deserve. (doorbell rings)
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>> chelsea: chloe. >> chloe: hi. do you mind if i come in? >> chelsea: sure. >> chloe: sorry to just, uh, drop by, but... i think you left this at crimson lights, and i just wanted to bring it back. >> chelsea: oh, that's not mine. >> chloe: oh. it's not? oh, uh, well, my mistake. here i thought i was doing you a huge favor. >> chelsea: well, thanks anyway, i guess. (chuckles) >> chloe: are you okay? you seem distracted. >> chelsea: oh, yeah, i'm fine. i just--i just have a lot going on, adam pulling out of tagngrab and losing the baby, and... >> chloe: are you okay? do you want to talk about it? >> chelsea: have you ever felt like you're losing your mind? >> che[ female announcer ]felt go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds
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go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. additional sponsorship provided by... >> eden: trick or treat. >> kevin: yeah, well, i guess the trick was you not showing up to work on time. where the hell have you been? >> eden: i had a dentist appointment. i told you i was gonna be late. >> kevin: you shouldn't have stopped to get candy, then. >> eden: dude, ease up. it's halloween.
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okay, what's your problem? >> kevin: nothing. >> kevin: the internet project that chloe and i have poured everything into is going down the toilet. no big deal, just another major failure by kevin fisher. (sighs) >> eden: (sighs) kevin, i'm sorry. anything i can do to help? >> kevin: yeah. get me $15 million by monday. >> chloe: thanks. >> chelsea: mm-hmm. >> chloe: so what's making you crazy? >> chelsea: i think i'm making myself nuts. i came home earlier and i could have sworn someone was in here. (laughs) >> chloe: are you sure it wasn't adam, or someone who works for you? >> chelsea: no, i-i checked the whole house. it was empty. >> chloe: well, maybe, when they heard you come in, they took off. did you make sure that they didn't take anything? >> chelsea: yeah, yeah. jewelry, cash, computers-- it's all here. i just think i'm supersensitive since--
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>> chloe: losing the baby? >> chelsea: i feel so stupid. lots of women have miscarriages. i... i don't know why i'm making such a big deal out of it. >> chloe: because it is a big deal. >> chelsea: i need to get over it. adam has. >> chloe: i'm sure he's hurting just as much as you are. >> chelsea: well, he doesn't show it. (chuckles) >> chloe: well, i think that guys have a harder time showing their feelings, and they show it in idiotic ways. >> chelsea: hmm. i have no problems showing my feelings. i went off on adam the other day. i even accused him of having an affair. >> chloe: really? do you think that's true? >> chelsea: no! (laughs) oh, god, no. no, adam would never do that to me. >> chloe: okay, because, you know, you-- you can always find out. i mean, you could tap his phone, you could hire a p.i.-- >> chelsea: no! (laughs) oh, my god. n--i trust adam... completely.
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>> sharon: (exhaling deeply) (knock on door) >> sharon: adam? >> sharon: is that you? >> kids: trick or treat! >> sharon: (gasps) >> ronan: so i thought that we could dress up as bonnie and clyde and go on a bank-robbing spree, and we could take the money and go down to south america. >> phyllis: sounds good. >> ronan: or maybe you could
1:53 am
join the three stooges, and i'll go down to jimmy's and talk to that hot girl that hangs on my every word. >> phyllis: wait, what-- what hot girl? >> ronan: you heard that, didn't you? i thought nick had your undivided attention. or was it something that jack was doing? >> phyllis: nick and jack can take care of themselves. >> ronan: what about you? >> phyllis: i've been taking care of myself my entire life. >> ronan: for somebody that's so independent, you seem awfully hung up on your exes. >> nick: you know, you and jack are gonna have no one to blame but yourselves when your lives implode. >> adam: because nothing you've ever done could possibly have contributed to the person that i've become today. it is amazing how you can absolve yourself of any and all responsibility. seems as though your daughter's inherited that quality. >> nick: summer feels terrible about what happened to your baby. >> adam: she's spoiled, and she's a narcissist. she could give a damn about my family. she's only concerned about herself.
1:54 am
>> nick: you shut up-- >> jack: don't, nick. nick, don't. >> nick: you know, i'm not surprised by anything this punk does, but you... >> jack: i never meant for any of this to hurt you. >> nick: yet it won't stop you. >> jack: nothing will stop my plans for newman, no. let's get to work, adam.
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for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> phyllis: you're very, very sweet to be worried about me. thank you... but i'm not needy. >> ronan: i never thought you were needy. you can do this alone...
1:58 am
or you can let somebody help you. >> phyllis: uh, the only thing i want to do now is talk to jack and ask him if he hired adam. >> ronan: okay. yeah, let's do it. i'll walk you out. >> phyllis: hey, um... ronan and i, we were-- we just met each other. we just saw each other. >> summer: oh, no, mom, it's-- >> phyllis: it wasn't planned. >> summer: that's not necessary. >> ronan: she's telling the truth. she's telling the truth. >> phyllis: yeah. >> summer: yeah, most people do that a lot, but it's okay. >> phyllis: okay. >> summer: did you expect me to flip out, just seeing you two together? >> phyllis: well, it's been known to happen. >> summer: yeah, well, not anymore, okay? i'm done being mad at you. it's just--it's getting old. >> phyllis: it's great to hear that.
1:59 am
>> summer: it's just taking too much energy. >> phyllis: i agree. um, call a truce? (chuckles) >> summer: i guess, so just, you know, do what you guys do. go out on dates, move in together, whatever it is you do. get married. it doesn't matter to me, for real, so... later. >> ronan: you buying that? >> phyllis: i'd like to. >> chelsea: this is nice. i don't have a lot of friends. >> chloe: oh, well, you know, i've had mostly guy friends. girls were always really threatened by me. they always thought i was trying to steal their boyfriends. >> chelsea: did you? >> chloe: yep. >> chelsea: (laughing) >> chloe: (chuckles) >> chelsea: that's funny. thanks, thanks. i needed that, actually. >> chloe: i'm glad i could help. >> chelsea: (chuckles) honestly, i've just been sitting here
2:00 am
feeling sorry for myself. it's no wonder i feel like i'm losing my mind. >> chloe: well, maybe you need to get out of the house. you know, do something other than just wait for adam to get home. >> chelsea: like what? >> chloe: like get a job. >> kevin: (sighs) damn it. you know, between repairs to the espresso machine and rent going up, i barely broke even this month. >> eden: guess i better hold off on asking for that raise. >> kevin: i was gonna funnel profits from crimson lights into tagngrab. so much for that brilliant idea. i should have never gone into business with adam newman. >> eden: okay, you needed his money, and the guy does know about start-ups. >> kevin: chloe and i should have stuck to our original plan-- get a group of investors, a group. giving that guy 50% stake was one of the dumbest decisions i've ever made, and that's saying something. (cell phone rings) >> kevin: (sighs) hey, mike.
2:01 am
yeah, i know, i-i-i figured it was time we talked. well, i'm free right now. okay, how about tomorrow then? great, great, i'll see you then. >> eden: well, that sounded promising. >> kevin: unless it was the universe just getting my hopes up. >> noah: oh, my gosh! hey, brace yourself. don't--don't get dizzy, faith. (laughs) you're so cute. >> nick: that son of a-- >> noah: hey, look, it's daddy! daddy's here. >> faith: daddy, look! i'm a buttercup fairy! >> nick: oh, my goodness, look at you. i-i mean, you are the prettiest buttercup fairy i've ever seen. let me just take a look at you. unbelievable. wow. what time is ms. mckinsey coming to pick you up for trick-or-treating? >> noah: uh, any minute now. >> faith: i wish mommy could go with us. >> nick: oh, you know what, sweetheart? i wish that, too. i'm sorry she's not gonna be here tonight. >> faith: where is she? >> noah: look, i-i told you,
2:02 am
faith, hey, mommy had to go out of town for a little bit. >> nick: yeah, but i'm gonna take a picture of you, okay? and then i'm gonna send it to her right now, okay? ready... cheese! nice. >> noah: so cute. >> faith: can we call her? >> nick: oh, you know what? i'm sorry, we can't. she's--she's really busy right now, but i'm gonna send her this picture, and she's gonna see how beautiful you look, and that'll make your mommy feel really good. she needs that right now. >> sharon: (gasping) (wind howling) hmm these smell amazing,
2:03 am
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"the young and the restless" will continue. >> noah: so, um, mom left a message on my cell saying she needed to get out of town,
2:07 am
clear her head for awhile, but something was off. >> nick: off how? >> noah: she had that thing in her voice when she's hiding something. know what i mean? >> nick: yeah, i know that too well. did she say where she was? >> noah: mm. no, the number was blocked. >> nick: it's weird that she didn't call you from her phone. >> noah: yeah, yeah. um, something else. i-i went over to her house to check on her the other day. she wasn't there, but, um... adam was. >> nick: what the hell was he doing there? >> noah: gave me some line about thanking her for condolence flowers. >> nick: so this ingrate drove all the way out to the ranch to do that? >> noah: this whole thing's messed up. why--why wouldn't she just tell somebody before she left? >> nick: not a lot your mom has done lately is easy to explain, but for her to do this to faith? >> noah: what if something happened to her, dad? >> chelsea: a job? um, yeah, i'm not really sure
2:08 am
i'm qualified to do anything. >> chloe: (laughs) that can't be true. >> chelsea: i mix a mean drink, but i don't think adam would be crazy about me bartending. >> chloe: you know what? you don't seem like the type who lets their husband tell them what they can or can't do. >> chelsea: well, i'm not, but why would i argue with him about something i don't really want to do, you know? i got--i gotta pick my battles. >> chloe: well, yeah, that's smart, but you know, i-i think you'd be a really good mediator. tagngrab could be your first case. >> chelsea: (chuckles) no, thanks. i know my husband. once his mind is made up, it is impossible to change it, and quite honestly, i think you and kevin are probably better off not doing business with him right now anyway. >> chloe: yeah, i know. believe me, if i could let it go, i would, but kevin has just had it so hard all of his life, and if tagngrab is a bust, i just don't know what he's gonna do. >> chelsea: i wish there was something i could do to help. >> chloe: maybe there is. >> eden: you know, you actually have to dial if you want the call to go through.
2:09 am
>> kevin: (sighs) i'm not sure i do. >> eden: and who is it that you maybe want to call? >> kevin: my mom. >> eden: is gloria still bugging you and chloe about giving her a grandchild? >> kevin: (sighs) no, that's not the problem. i was thinking about asking her for help so that i don't lose my business. >> eden: are you sure you want to do that? >> kevin: definitely not, but i'm running out of options. >> eden: um... you could always wish on a piece of halloween candy. >> kevin: (scoffs) eden, that is not a real thing. you spent way too many years in an ashram. >> eden: oh, yeah? try it. you can thank me later-- maybe that raise. >> kevin: please help me find a way to not lose tagngrab. (cell phone rings)

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